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April 04, 2002 :: April Fool's!! Hope I didn't freak you out TOO much with Dedos playing 'possum. But I got a new host. This is NO JOKE. Please update your bookmarks with the new site


I will keep some presence on Keen, but the main site will be at chriton.org.

March 05, 2002 :: Working on the update ... I am pretty happy with the reponse I got from the last comic! Let's hear it for positive energy (woo)! But on another note, I am more than super happy at CDCs return to comicing! Check out Forbez.com, with brand new Life on Forbez comics and new experiments like Roll-Die and Evil CDC.

And, before I forget, a moment of silence for Sketch of Love. Shari has apparently stopped drawing the adventures of Jacques & Jordan ............... but, you can still see her draw different new comics on SurviveBadBlood.com. Stop by and tell her I said hi!

February 28, 2002 :: I am pretty happy with the update today. I am playing around with a more traditional comic styling to my art. Feel free to discuss that or anything else at the newly created Dedos Forum over at the Piggy Farm! The Keen boards were down too often, and not nearly as customizable as I'd wished. You'll have to create a new (free) account, but that will get you an identity for pOnju, Ceph, Lovarian Adventures, Ghosts Hunters, Eat the Roses, and who knows what else will come in the next couple of days!

February 5, 2002 :: Gallery mega-update!! I added tons of new pics to the gallery, including fanart from Jelly Bean Goddess, Kasey, and pOnju. You'll also find for L.O.L.M., Litost Satellite, There Be Elves, and Few and Far Between. *whew* Keeping the site up to date is a lot of work! Eternal apologies for not having the fanart up sooner, and eternal thanks to all who did it. *bow*

Spotlight On Modern Art

Modern Tales
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