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Web Comics
Fantasy Lair - Fantasy portal for comics.
Survive Bad Blood - Shari's powerful, emotional style first drew me into this wacky world of online comics!
Rogues of Clwyd Rhan - Just your regular band of lovable rogues!
Fate Martyr Sapheire - A shoujo manga. Very nice pencil work! And.. OEKAKI!
Lovarian Adventures - Very detailed art and story. Classic D&D fantasy.
There Be Elves - Elves and more elves!
DeViations - Rendered in Poser et al. Neat!
Unicorn Jelly - Heartwarming story of the little jelly that could (or thinks he can).
Ancient Messages - Truly epic.Demons, spirit swords, magic: it's all here!
Sinner Dragon - Sexy tales of elves and dragons and elf-dragons.
Few and Far Between - Totally immersive fantastic world inhabited by the strangest people. Breathtaking.

Litost Satellite
- Another comic done w/Painter
Chopping Block - Totally wrong. It's vile and evil. I love it.
Receptor Fatigue - Another site with lots of comics. A haunting inky starkness.
Life on Forbez! - Follow Nok and Par as they adjust to their new life on Forbez.
Hifalutin' - Spartacus does it again (and again and again). Just how many comics is this guy gonna cram in this site?
Blotto Street - British college kids and their adventures with all sorts of stuff.
Shoebox - Dripping with style, Abril has several comics on her site.
Todd and Penguin - You just want to give him cookies! He's so cute!!
Four Toon Tellers - A bunch of really great guys and their comics. Go check 'em out now!
Unnatural, But True! - Life and love with dragons and other beasts.
Boy Meets Boy - Shibby. Very shibby.

Bee Comix
- Jaw-dropping art: this guy has stuff you need to check out!
Jeremy - Super cool Frankenstein kid by super cool Jon Morris.
Sinfest - Solid, stylish art.
Megatokyo - 2 guys stuck in Tokyo. Amazing.
PvP - Not a comic about games, but about people who write about games.
RPG World - Hillarious! Poking fun @ game conventions AND a love story.
Penny Arcade - Bitter, sarcastic, irreverant. Kinda cool, too. ;)
Boomslang - Groovy Flash work. And nanners & Squishy Boy (well, not anymore)! - Brilliant ideas & comics!
Fred the Clown - Check out this wonderfully executed masterpiece of comic jeenyus - "Me Fred!"

Hotwired - Wildbrain - Joe Cartoon

Random Coolness
The Onion - PrayStation

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