This space is dedicated to Art. You will find my whimsical musings as well as my serious endevours alongside the interpretations and dedications by others. Enough of my babble, you're here to see the pictures! For every entry you see, you can click the thumnail image to view the full picture.

Art by us

Dedos - The first incarnation of Dedos, this picture soon inspired stories and deeds, and commanded me to set them down for everyone to see. (136k) Ogre Battle - An epic struggle of good vs. evil, this picture is still in progress and may one day be finished. (119k)
Jump! - This was more of an experimental picture, playing with heavy shadows and a big canvas. (24k) SuperDeformed - Some things are better left unsaid. (49k)
Goodnight Dedos - couple-hour sketch, lots of dark. (55k) Suck your Soul - (scanned) I was at work and started to doodle.. this is what I ended up with. I was using a smooth ink pen and a receipt I found laying around. (43k)
Original designs for Oestros - (scanned) He is realllly thin, I know. ^_^ I was trying to go for a cool, hip look, but he ended up looking a little too modern. (55k)  

Art by them

Dedos and Mautra - check out the wonderful textures in this work. Aeire sent me my first fanart. ^^ It will always have a special place in my hard drive. Let's return the favor by checking out Xenith (60k).

Green - Ancient Messages' own Katherine sent me this great piece which really captures the mood and feeling of the raw essence which is faire (160k).

Dedos (not Wolverine) - those are throwing spikes, everybody! Caleb (of Zap Jones) lends his unique vision to this stunning piece that has a wonderful 'adevtnure' feel to it (41k)! Karma Medusa - Harman chan stunend me one day with this beautiful work I found in my mailbox. It's a different view of Mautra, strong, stylish, and very elegant. Good work on this piece, and Mautra thanks you for this flattering piece (54k)!
Spunky Bean! The Jelly Bean Goddess herself graced me with this pic. Her comic is up and coming VERY soon, so keep an eye out for it (80k)! Dedos Explains- Dedos takes it upon himself to explain to the despondant Bean how Oestros is gone (229k).
Got Dedos? ULTRA super cute pic of Dedos getting some huggies from the Jelly Bean Goddess (28k). Oestros n' the Bean -I don't even think words can explain this Bean creation. Luv the collar (131k)!
Zealous Bean - The Jelly Bean takes up the paintbrush in this wonderful mural-style rendition of Dedos. JBG: I am truly honored & flattered by your dedication to my characters. Thank you (182k). All dressed up - Kasey Gifford of L.O.L.M. surprised me on day with this smartly tailored outfit for our favorite elf. Her sense of color and design is truly a wonder to behold (114k).
The duo - Henry Chiu of sent in the first fanart of Dedos & Coren. Dedos always manages to lose his shirt somehow ^^; (83k).  

Art for them

Xenith fanart - Here ya go, Aeire, I hope you like it! It's very ink-heavy, with a few pencil shadows. (50k) Zap Jones fanart - this was a gift for my good buddy Caleb. (29k)
Few and Far Between - One of the most original, creative comics on the web today. Dedos meets Treefrog - in color! (114k)  Litost Satellite It's Ping!! He's so cute & fluffy, but not as innocent as he seems. (91k)
L.O.L.M. - Kasey's world will draw you in. Make sure you leave a trail of bread crumbs so you can find your way back to reality. (97k)   There Be Elves a melancholy moment for Feodor.. with magic bubbles! (41k)




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